My Marine Hermit Crabitat

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    My son has had land hermit crabs for 4 years. Our recent family vacation to Myrtle Beach SC. yielded some awesome shells and some unexpected hitchhikers(marine hermit crabs). I have always wanted a salt water aquarium and now I had motivation.
    My son and I together now have
    2 Long Clawed Hermits brought home from the shores of Myrtle Beach SC.
    2 Blue legged Hermits
    1 Scarlet Reef Hermit
    1Dwarf Red Legged Hermit
    1 Unknown (I call him The Ghost)
    All of my pics can be found HERE
    A few of my favorite pics...

    Any help identifying "The Ghost" above is greatly appreciated!

    Any help identifying "The Ghost" from the first pic would be greatly appreciated.
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