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What's wrong with my seahorse?

  1. Water problem?

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  1. Brenda83

    Brenda83 New Member

    helli, I recently bought 2 new sea horses that are both black. However one the sea horses seems to be turning white. What can I do to help him?

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  2. GtrTTTopher

    GtrTTTopher New Member

    Mine will look white when it's dark, I see you have them with a blue tang, how strong is the current in the tank? And the temp of seahorse tanks should be around 72. That can make them change color as well.
  3. Brenda83

    Brenda83 New Member

    The current isn't very strong, just enough to move water around a bit
  4. jay0705

    jay0705 Administrator Staff Member

    Horses are best in species only tanks. Low current and cool temps. Most people run chillers on horse tanks. There actual temp range is 65-68. Too cold for most other sw fish . Exceptions are pipe fish and draggonetts. In warmer water there prone to bacterial infections

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