Nano Reefers! Info and Tank Photos!

Discussion in 'Nano Tanks' started by nissan577, Oct 2, 2008.

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    I agree that's a great looking set up. I'm looking to start an 8-10 gallon NANO tank and need any advice your able to give. By looking at your tank it looks like you know what your doing. I'm getting my tank next Thursday (8/29/2013) and plan on putting in live sand and rock ASAP. After a few days i want to get some coral, maybe 2 fish and some inverts.
  2. Hey guys my name is Robbie. I used to be on here a lot, not posting but viewing. My username was created back when I had a 220 gallon with a 12 inch Grouper. I couldnt even believe I remembered my login and password. Ive been doing saltwater tanks for about 10 years now. Just wanted to share my latest tank. Its a NUVO 16. I really love the look and design of this thing. Its a little plain right now. Plan on adding some rics,zoas and maybe some shrooms.
    16 gallon Nuvo
    3 skyye 8 watt LED w moonlights
    2 spin stream nozzles

    still have a long way to go but think Im off to a good start.
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    Hello. I started my 14 gal nano a few months ago. Still trying to get the algae under control. I do have coraline algae growing. And the lone polyp that can with the live rock propagating. So not to sure what's going on. I need to do a water change this weekend. Will post a pic soon
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    look like someone likes kenya tree coral.
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    My measly 5g pico

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    Hi my name is Dan, I have had this 28 running for about 3 weeks. I took down my 75 and used sand and live rock that has need in use for 4 years. I am already enjoying the smaller tank much more than the 75. 20170102_113408.jpg 20170102_215359.jpg 20170102_215204.jpg 20161218_211519.jpg 20161218_212208.jpg
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    I'd like to join! Heres my fts. 29 biocube. fts.jpg

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