Nano tank crashed

ammonia shot up killed my snails some mushrooms coral one clown fish. Did 25% water change check two day later Ammonia level is 1 ppm . Also found some parasite to?


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Are you using Prime to control ammonia? and do you test (with seachem ammo dot or multitest ammonia kit?

Try adding some macro algae to consume the ammonia.

my .02


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FWIW prime does lock up ammonia but standard ammonia test kits like the api kit still test positive for ammonia because they cannot distinguish between locked and free ammonia. Seachem has two test kits first the ammo dot and the sachem ammonia multitest kit the does distinguish.

The danger is you add Prime, still test ammonia and repeat. Prime also locks up oxygen so it is possible the fish can suffocate with the same symptoms as ammonia poisoning.

Macro and other algae consume ammonia directly then nitrates when no ammonia is present. And also consume while returning oxygen and fish food.