Need some fish suggestions:

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I have a 65 gallon reef tank that I'm taking over care for and am starting to get in the hang of things and getting the system healthy again. The old crew of the tank is an old, grumpy Ocellaris Clown and an also older Orchid Dottyback (the two of them get along very well). There is a large leather coral and a lot of mushroom, along with a really large zebra snail. The newer inhabitants include a small Court Jester Goby (the dottyback is getting better, but still darts at at occasion), two emarld crabs, a couple scarlet hermit crabs, red tip hermit crabs and quite a lot of trochus snails. I am interested in adding a couple more fish, although I would like to only buy captive bred, or tank-raised fish. This has proven pretty challenging! Any suggestions for fish?


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The issue will be the dotty back. 2 fold bc it's already in the tank and alot of captive raised fish are dotty backs.
A few ideas, are captive raised dwarf Angel's. I make no promises with your coral tho lol. A few damsels are captive raised aswell. Others include gobys ie gobys.
I was looking to see what ORA had and then looked for them on some of the fish selling websites. What are thoughts on the white spotted pygmy filefish, yellow assessor and the yellow tailed damsel?


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Mine pretty much is out in the open. Stays in the open water at the top of the tank. In taller tank it is nice because most of the fish stay lower.