Need Some Opinions

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I am looking at getting into the hobby and am in the process of planning the setup I would like to run is a 75 gal tank FOWLR with the following equipment
EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater 150W
AquaTop 550 GPH Forza FZ13 UV Canister Filter with 13W Sterilizer
Aquatop BREZA Battery Powered Air Pump w/ AC Power Failure Sensor
Reef Octopus Classic 100-HOB Protein Skimmer
Rossmont Mover M900 Circulation Pumps (2 pack)
MICMOL - Smart LED Aquarium Light, Aqua Air AA-1200 Marine 96W, 48~60", Programmable Timer SunriseSunset Full Spectrum for Saltwater Marine Coral Reef Fish Tank
As far as fish go I plan to go slow but the end game would be
Coral Beauty Angelfish, Centropyge bispinosa, or flame anglefish 1ea
Ocellaris Clownfish , Amphiprion ocellaris, 2ea
Six Line Wrasse, Pseudocheilinus hexataenia 1ea
Green Chromis, Chromis viridis, 3ea
Bicolor Dottyback, Pseudochromis paccagnellae, 1ea
Purple Firefish, Nemateleotris decora 1ea
Blue Damselfish, Chrysiptera cyanea 3ea
And the Ultimate Algae & Detritus Clean-Up Crew, Various, 75 GALLON there is one lawnmower blenny included
The only fish that is a must have for me is the clown my three year old says we have to have nemo. The web site AqAdvisor has this set up at 90% stocked. What is everyones thoughts


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The canister filter is a bad idea. Everything else is good.
Fish wise i wouldn't do chromis, there for some reason difficult to keep alive.


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Lol an auto shut off would keep that from happening. Also running a generator would also alleviate the issue. A sump is the way to go. However if not feasible i would go with a hob filter over a canister


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If a sump is set up correctly you shouldn’t be able to overflow the tank in a power outage. There needs to be enough empty space in the sump to handle the overflow. The overflow from the tank should not be a siphon but a drilled overflow to prevent overflowing the display if you lose your siphon. You can buy hang on overflows that prevent a loss of the siphone but drilled is better. You can purchase a predeilled tank with built in overflows that work very well
I agree no canister. HOB would be better.


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What would you suggest. Was thinking about a sump but had nightmares of loosing power and flooding the room
three adjustments to a sump:
1) insure no floods with power out. (tank stops draining before sump floods)
2) normal operation resume when power comes back
3) (and the one I forgot) "fail" the drain (blockage or siphon loss for instance) and insure the display doesn't flood. (the sump should run dry before the display floods)

you can also make an hob overflow with $20 worth of pvc.

my .02