New Fluval Evo 13.5 Gallon

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    Hello Everyone!

    Man, it feels good to be back and into the hobby again. I have had my fair share of aquariums in the past and decided to go a different shape when it comes to my aquarium. Decided to go with the Fluval Evo. I forgot how to do some things so I thought I ask all you fine people.

    I upgraded the back chambers a bit. I ordered the Media Basket that just came out recently to replace the block of foam with some chambers that it comes up. Now, I meant to order it for the 1st chamber (were the protein skimmer goes) but i ordered it for the 2nd chamber. That is fine, it is here and I am going to roll with what I have. My thoughts were to fill the 3 spots with Chemi-pure blue in 1st cut out/ 2nd I would put the Puregen and the last fill in, filter floss or another small sponge to catch fish waste and such.

    Is it wise to use Chemi-pure Blue with Purigen together? or Should I use Purigen and just chemi-pure elite?

    Now the question I have is, do I have to run Biomax? Tank came with some but wanted to ask and secondly… since the 1st chamber will be empty… can I just put the sponge block it came with just to make sure it is catching fish poop and such. Thoughts please.

    I am excited to get this baby fired up.

    Thanks for your help,
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