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Hi, new here and looking to set up my first tank, I am looking at a 36x24x24 planet aquarium tank to start. I would like a lionfish and then see what will fit with it. I have sump, skimmer, pump recommendation from my LFS. should be around 90 gallons. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Those are very nice looking aswell. A lfs by me has 2. If you ask i bet a store could get you one. There not cheap tho


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As long as you stick to the small species they'll be fine. I once saw a pic of a beautiful reef tank with only small lions. It was a 40 gallon which is smaller. Lions don't need a ton of swimming space. You need to pick their tank mates carefully. I've heard puffers will nip at their fins. Small fish may become dinner.


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My dwarf is kept with a marron clown, damsel and sharpnose puffer. I never notice any spine nipping. But each fish is diff


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Your fish are well fed Jay, they don't need to work for their dinner
Lazy is the correct term. All the fish tho would be a huge meal. The maroon is only slightly smaller then him. I wouldn't try a slender fish tho. Like a fire or gramma