New Photo Contest!!!!!!!!!!!

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And the WINNER IS.... WHO? Obviously not me but I am interested to hear who won.. I must say that I am a bit disappointed at the lack of votes compared to the vast number of entries... Oh well. Good pictures everyone.
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If you all want, you can just tell me now that my picture has no chance of winning
and I'll help you judge. :jumping:
That is so classy! Me 2!


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well i dont know either i have been super busy but as soon as i hear something i will get the winners address and send him/her some frags!
last i heard the 3 finalist were picked.....
anyways how about u guys tell me who to send the frags too lol calling all judges one final time lets pick the winner or im guna pick the person myself
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GYAH! can someone ID that crab!? i must have one!

I put that guy in my sump. don't need him wrecking my tank. he crawls up the silicone of the barriers of the sump and eats food off the bottom of one of the sponges