new rose bubble tip question...

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Ok so we got this rose bubble tip anemone this last Saturday and we acclimated him to the water and have been slowly acclimating to light as I should and have him under a coralife two bulb fixture, actinic blue ...since Saturday he has been beautiful red with bubble tips and eating and everything!!! my cleaner shrimp sometimes will try to go up to it but I shoooo it away and now he has closed a lot and his tentacles are short and look like they are tidied ! Like green, pink and I'm concerned what is going on man! Need help with this one badly!
Even this afternoon it was opened up and beautifully colored red with bubble tips!! Even ate today, reef frenzy, a very tiny piece! I noticed the cleaner shrimp by him and was closed up but opened back up and came back to check it and it was closed like this and ti-dyed
Does anyone have any idea or have had this happen? Is this normal for them to close like this and it turn to green with like pink tips? It was doing perfectly fine yesterday when I got home and now I'm parameters are good at
Ph - 8.1
Amm- 0
Nitrite- 0
Nitrate- 5ppm
Calcium- 500

Also, I had one zoanthid that quit opening up the past week so I dipped it last night...the business I got it from dips in Bayer and not sure if that's good or not but I dipped it in coral Rx last night and saw one long tiny little worm....maybe I'm feeding too much, only once a day but some days I'll feed the zoas and the other corals a little and now the anemone....anywayyyyys so if someone has had this happen to the anemone and can let me know if this is normal or not please let me know! Oh and when we put the anemone in we put it in the bottom left corner on a immediately attached and has been super happy since Saturday! Thanks in advance for any response
i just read that anemones deflate themselves to let out waste! so im convinced that was maybe what he was doing...bc like i said, i walked in from work and there he was back to original size beautiful bright red and bubbly ....but i guess ill feed him good and hope he grows bigger and stays healthy
Nem last night before I put the 4 bulb wave point t5 light on...looked like he was kinda reaching so I took down the two bulb coralife t5 fixture and put on a true t5 fixture with great reflectors...what are some ways to get my tank raised clowns to host?
And when we put him in he stayed around the spot we put him in just moved over a little on the rock we put him on...would he move himself higher up if he wanted more light? Or just kinda look like he's reaching for it?
Yeah I'm just concerned bc I read it would move quite a bit until it finds its place, but we put it on a rock in the back bottom left by the clowns and it moved maybe 2 inches down and is happy so just making sure as it's my first anemone lol....and I def understand Clowns won't always take but what is the most affective way to try to get them to host? I have heard of about 20 different ways now, but your experienced and wanted to know what way you used or what lol
Also, does an anemone bleach when they get too much light or not enough light? And what are the signs that I need to look for, pertaining to their color/physical look?


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As far as i know nothing can persuade a clown to a nem. Its either a go or no go. Generally its a no go.
Bleaching is a sign of a very unhappy nem. Death usually comes fast. It can be caused by many things, lighting, water quality, ect. Aslong as you have high out put lights and keep excellent water quality it should be fine.


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Most systems aren't stable enough to keep them alive until well after 6 months.

More times than not they will slowly die off within a month or two. Success is gauged by months vs days. You'll have a pretty good idea by the end of 30 days if it's doing good or not.

Best of luck
Ok thank you guys for all the info! I try and keep the water as prestine as I can! And I sure hope he survives after a month or so! And it would really make it worth it to see the symbiotic relationship with the there any positive things I can do to get the clowns to host? I've heard of taking a long acrylic tube and put it in right around the nem and put the clowns in and let them go down slowly to it....


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The best thing to do is to stop hoping it will happen lol. Usually when I want something too much it never happens.

I had a A. Percula clown that took to a rose bubble. But I've had others including my current clown that never has.

Usually wild caught fish are you best bet but they've become more rare over the years as the hobby has gravitated more and more towards tank bred fish.

What type of clownfish do you have?
Well it would be cool for them to host the nem but I'm not sitting around hoping it will happen like your thinking haha. I'm simply just curious as to how anybody reading this that has clowns hosting their anemones, how they introduced their clowns to it..... always try to ask questions, even retarted ones to get answers from experienced peeps lol.... but I have two ocellaris clownfish
Have had them for a little over 6 months now, they have grown quickly and the female, bigger of the two, stays in the top corner most of the time almost like she's cleaning the place lol and the smaller clown plays in the current in the front of the tank...... when we added the nem last week, they both were swimming by each other right in front of the nem , and they did a shivering, shaking motion I've never seen them do.... what could that be? Some have said laying eggs


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Prob just a general investigation of the new item. They will usually lay eggs in an area there already use too.
As far as nem hosting it really is hit or miss. Maroon clowns are most likely to take to a nem. DON'T ever mix them with another clown species tho


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I’ve only once had a clown take up in an anemone. I take that back I had a large gorgeous neon green carpet anemone who hosted a nasty, ugly clarkii clown. Unfortunately both had to go. The anemonne ate everything but the clown, including my inverts.
Recently I had a bubble tip that my clown liked but eventually didn’t like it any more. Bubble tips aren’t the natural hosts for most commercially available clowns so it is very hit or miss and if it works they may change their minds later.
Just was trying to get some other folks ideas on how I could try to get them to host, even though I understand they most likely wont lol...... but its all good, if they take to it, cool... if not, that's cool too... this nem has got a beautiful red color and is a great beautiful thing to have in my tank..... hey I was thinking of getting either a small yellow tang or lawnmower Blenny today.... or just a reef safe fish that would help with a little algae and/or sand bed.....I have a Midas Blenny and a watchman goby pistol pair... would either of these two fish be a problem with what I have?