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I have a 75 gal tank running for about 4 months it is a fish only with live rock. I currently have 2 clowns, 3 damsels and a mini anemone. I just recently lost a coral beauty, pearl scale and a Fox face all within the last 2 months all were added at separate times. All of the fish were doing fine and then from one day to the next day died. When I test my water my ammonia levels are extremely high and no matter what I have done from water changes to adding a ammonia detoxing agent nothing is making it go down. What’s strange is that the remaining fish are doing just fine. Any suggestions on what could be causing the spike in ammonia?


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ammonia detoxing chemicals work by detoxing the ammonia meaning the ammonia is still there but safer. Most test kits cannot tell the difference so you wind up adding chemicals, still testing ammonia and adding more chemicals. Additionally most of the detoxs also lock up oxygen so it is possible to suffocate the fish.

I recommend you use the seachem ammonia multi test kit which tests for both types of ammonia. And only treat the tank with the unlocked ammonia. I believe the ammo dot also just reacts to the unlocked ammonia.

For what it's worth, I highly recommend using alage like various macro algaes to reduce ammonia. It will consume any ammonia present, plus co2 returning oxygen and fish food. After bacterial build up to consume ammonia, it will start consuming nitrates.

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If you had ammonia to start then my guess is over feeding . That said at 4 months your tank is very new. That's alot of fish to add to a new tank. Wait atleast another 2-3 months.
How much live rock do you have? Your current fish are tough as hell so even in sup par water they can live. New fish not so much