New tank on its way...

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Ok so I’ve started my tank! Im now waiting for the cycle!

Hoping I can get some advice on anything I’m missing!

I have...
1) a 60 gallon with a fluval 110 filter going
2) I AM using RO/DI water
3) Instant Ocean salt with salinity between 1.022-1.024
4) Dosing with AquaVitro Seed for a week per instructions, started Wednesday after filling
5) about 15 pounds of cured dried rock and another 15-20 pounds of live rock
6) Temperature between 78-80 degrees and power head is on

Any other tips for me?! I think I might be set!


Staff member
Looks like a good start.
Just some suggestions and warnings.
1. I’d increase the salinity to 1.025 to 1.026. Lower salinity is not an advantage.
2. Instant ocean is a great choice. I’ve been using it for well over 20 years.
3. Don’t count on the bottled bacteria to help much. Your cured rock, if it truly is cured, will already have plenty of bacteria to seed the tank and it is better more diverse bacteria. Contrary to what the bottle’s instructions say, Your cycle will still take a good 6 weeks even with bottled bacteria. You will want to ghost feed the tank for duration of the cycle to feed the bacteria. No fish at this time until the cycle is done. Then only one at a time after proper quarantine. Not quarantining even one fish can and often does wipe out a whole tank.
4. If the fluval filter is a canister I’d ditch it. They don’t do well in salt water tanks, they tend to just dump nitrates into the water. You have plenty of rock for good bio filtration. You don’t need the canister. If you want a filter get a hang on the back filter.
5. I’d get another power head, you need a lot of water movement. Best to have at least 2, one on each end of the tank pointing at each other.
6. If possible I’d shoot for a temp between 74 and 78 max. 80 is too high.
7. You may find you need more rock, often about 1 lb rock per gallon of water. Depends on the kind of rock and if it is wet or dry. I buy dry rock that is very porous so it doesn’t weigh as much as wet rock so I need less.