New to Saltwater and in middle of new build. Please help!

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Also, does anyone know of a online site that sells 125 or 135 gal tanks for a great price? It seems like online from what I find they are much more than my local LFS?

If you mean a euro brace, yes I’d trust it.
Imforbis no it's not really a Euro Brace a Eurobrace would have the glass going on top of the tank from side to the other side and siliconed down. My glass was different and I believe Aquarium Masters still builds them the same way. The square glass piece in the middle of the tank is inside the tank about 1/2" from the top and has a plastic strip the length of the glass and is siliconed to the tank glass to hold the bottom of the middle glass and the glass is also siliconed. I see no advantage of this and can't imagine the silicone holding the sides from bulging.

No a true eurobrace I think I'd be ok with ....need to call Aquarium Masters to see if they changed the way they do things.

Ok so here is what I finally decided to do after hearing from you all and researching online.

I've decided to go with the Aquarium Master. Apparently their new tanks do use the cross support bar and glass. I'm going with the 135 standard aquarium that measures 72" long x 18" deep x 24" tall. I was going to go with the 120 gallon model but it was only 48" long x 24 x24" and I want the fish to have room to swim back and forth.

If you think the 120 would be best, please let me know cause I'm going tomorrow morning to get it. The 135 gallon is being sold for $279 + tax so $300 here.

The front, back and bottom of the tank are tempered and ONLY the sides are not. So my plan is to drill the left side of the tank that is 18" wide. Is this ok? I really need to know if this will be ok or will it limit me on the box that I can place. I'm looking to drill a bean animal overflow. I guess the returns would have to go on the same side? That way nobody see it it from the entrance when they come in. Is it ok that both the overflow and return are on the same side and close?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I wouldn’t want the overflow and return, if there was only one on the same side of a 6’ tank but you dont need to drill for your return. You can just make it out of PVC that goes over the rim from behind. I did this with my water change system where I have a permanently plumbed plumbing directly from my mixing station to my tank. It goes over the back of the wall. I used black PVC so it isn’t very obvious.
As for drilling a tank I’ve never done it. Too afraid I’d break it. So all mine have been purchased with built in overflows.


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Just need to be careful with the size of the holes you drill and their distance from the top and sides of the glass.

There's always risk and once you drill it, it will void any warranty so manufacturers would never recommend it.

If the tank is made with thinner glass than most reef ready tanks than I probably wouldn't recommend drilling the sides.