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  1. Now using RO water in saltwater tank. Probably somewhere around 10-20 lbs of live rock, two clown fish, two pencil sea urchins, one chocolate chip starfish, nine hermit crabs, one cleaner shrimp, one snow flake eel. brown film is slowly going away. My Q? Is now that I'm using RO water do I need to add anything to the water to keep the eco system balanced such as calcium, proteins etc. RO water has nothing in it so just wondering, or will the system do it all on its owne.
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    If you are going to have a FOWLR system you don't have to worry about supplementing any decent quality salt mix. If you are going with corals you MIGHT need supplements, but only after you measure their levels, and then take corrective action if needed. Generally, regular water changes will maintain adequate levels of macro and micro components in the water.
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    Good quality water is just one fraction of keeping healthy fish. Good bacteria , diet & nutrition, nitrates & phosphates , fish comparability. All these things contribute to a healthy tank. & thriving fish.

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