Newbie 24 gallon all-in-one reefer.

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Clarkii and maroon. You don’t want either. Both are big clown fish (~6”) range. Way too big for a 24 gal. They are also two of the most aggressive and territorial clowns. The Clarkii is pretty ugly when it is an adult too.
Clarkii looks like the spotcinctus clownfishes that I had and returned it to swap to a Percula. However I didn’t know they don’t like or they stand alone. I just feel bad for my nems cause no clowns go to them. Specially are it split. Sticking to my routine my parameters are ok. So far 3 months on October 5th all is good. Now just a waiting game to see the growth of the 15 corals I got.
Imforbis, I was finally able to let go of my freshwater tank. Had to really convince my wife to let it go cause the fishes I got in there are getting really big. On a 10 gallon it has 2 oscars, 2 corys, 2 red parrot cichlid and 1 blue crawfish. I donated it to my local fish store and in return he gave me a really nice two paired maroon clowns. One her white band is turning gold and the second is smaller and they are cool to one another. So now I made it a quarantine tank for my saltwater. Had to clean it really hard with chemicals it required. Now I’m just conditioning for whatever I need to put in there when is it sick or something.
What must a QT have and require?