Newbie need help with clownfish?!

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I just started my first saltwater tank. I Googled and researched and watched videos on what I needed to do to get it started and this is what I've done so far and then I'll get to my questions. Any helpful info would greatly be appreciated!

I bought a 10 gal tank and set it up with live rock directly from another friend's tank that was clean and I trusted, live sand (it was had water in the bag),a heater, and a aquaclear filter I believe the 20. I used seachem stability as directed on the bottle, ghost fed the tank and waited a few days to check conditions. Ammonia and nitrite went up and then nitrate and then ammonia and nitrite went down. I'm using store bought saltwater and I bought a refractometer and checked it's right on 1.025. So I waited about another week and checked the water it was still the same so I went and got some fish. I got a firefish and ocellaris clownfish and few snails. I wanted a pair of ocellaris but there was only 1 that I actually liked the look of so I waited. Fish are doing great so I waited another week and went to check on the clownfish again and found one that was a little smaller and got it. Now these are the 3 fish I will get for now as I'm getting a cobalt aquatics c vue 30 I believe. So this 10 gal is basically my qt. Now to my questions.

I did some research on what I need to look for in terms of disease and ich and velvet are the biggest. Also brooklynella. So I keep my eye closely on them. Now my two original fish were doing great. No problems healthy as can be eating everything I give them which is brine shrimp and pellets with garlic already added. But when I added the new clownfish, my original clownfish came down with white spots this morning on it and the new clownfish is just hanging out at the bottom of the tank. It's eating but just goes back to the one place he's kind of wallowed out in the sand. The new clownfish came down with a few white spots too. Now when I bought the new clownfish it didn't have any spots. So I fed them when I seen the spots with the pellets and now all the spots are falling off within hrs? So was this ich? Only the original clownfish has a spot on it now but the new one is still hanging out at the bottom. He gets up and swims and both of them kind of dance and shake a little? So maybe the new clownfish stressed both of the out when I added it? Now I know that if this is ich then it's in the tank and since this is actually going to be the quarantine tank until the new one gets here, I don't want to medicate, as I have live rock in there, just yet. So I need to know what all I can do and if this is really ich or not and if I can now transfer the live rock into the new tank as I had planned? Any advice would help and also if you think what I'm doing wrong or right is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Once u have fish in qt never add new fish. It starts all over again. If you can get a pic it may help us
I can't get any good pics bc the ich spots are coming and going. It is ich though and I have started treatment and the fishes are doing better. I'm starting the ttm as I'm having to order copper bc i can't get it anywhere near where I live. And I have now learned my lesson about quarantining my fishes when I buy them.