Nori wrap..................a less messy way to feed nori seaweed.

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    I stopped feeding nori for a while because it falls apart easily, floats aroud, gets sucked into filters and could affect the water quality.

    One day I was eating Vietnamese egg rolls that were served with lettuce leaves it gave me an idea: thus "wrapped nori" was born, lol! I can't say it's my invention because someone may have tried ths before. Simply wrap the nori in a veggie leaf before clipping or rubber banding. It wroks good for me. Give it a try! You can use

    yu choy.JPG I have tried about 10 different veggies and Yu Choy( also called Choy Sum) came out on top for my fish and me. I enjoy eating the nuitritive "leftovers", including the stems, lol! You can use spinach or red lettuce, etc.

    nori 1.jpg Place nori in the middle. Nori can be folded but don't put too much.

    nori 2.JPG Fold up,

    nori 3.jpg then fold the sides in. Ready for the clip, nori band.jpg or use rubber bands.
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