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whats wrong with the last pic?

chevydragtruck - This is where most of us live by certain rules and when we see those rules broke, we winch a little, and say ah excuse me you can't do that. Nor can we keep our big mouths shut.
What Rye is in reference to are two tangs in a 55 gal tank. Many feel that the tank size is to small for one let alone two. As they get older and larger this tank will never due for room to swim for them and many feel this will cause them stress later on which leads to illness.
The tang police are gonna get you!
Check out the post ( Soliciting Predictions )


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Well, at least you seem to have a good attitude about it.
Many times our Local Fish Stores lead us to believe that certain things are okay for our tanks that may not be in the best interest of the inhabitants.
Naso Tangs get large and they get large rapidly. Everyone has thier own opinion of what size tank will do okay for them. I personally think that nothing less than a 125g will suffice for that large / fast of a fish. You will probably think one, that Naso sure looks big. I like the 125g tanks as a minimum so that you get a 6-foot long tank and it gives these fast swimmers a little more room to play around in. Gorgeous fish.........just not for a 55g IMO.
One thing that is nice is that you can always trade in a nice looking Naso and grab some more corals or smaller fish to change things around a bit. Good luck. ;)


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Agreed. If anything, trade in the naso, which will not have much room in there much longer. Do you have a longer tank in the works? If so, then keep it. FWIW, the fish look good! It could be worse, you haven't packed it full with other things too. :) And you do have a great attitude about things! Keep it up! :D
Nice brittle :) Why people keep fish...I will never know. ;)
actually this is kinda funny............most people have troubles keeping inverts.............I have troubles keeping fish, inverts do great! so for a while I stoped getting fish and get an invert every once in a while. the naso is the only fish in there I bought, and I have been wanting a bigger tank. the purple was going to get flushed by one of my friends, so I saved it, and that's why I have 2 tangs. I like them both and think they are both great fish, but I like the Naso a little more. and there is a nice 200 at a LFS here for...........I think it was 1300, and I already have a buyer for my 55


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Sounds like you are going to be on your way to a bigger tank soon. :D
Let us know if you start up a big tank........we want to see some pics of it.
Good thing you took that Purple Tang from your flush-happy friend.........those things are worth good trade-in cash! :cool: