Not sure what this is

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Just recently purchased a clown trigger. He is being treated for ich in QT but I'm noticing something with his eye. not sure if ich can do this or if he has something else going on. At this time he acts normal and is eating fine.
Thank you in advance for any help
It looks like the fish has HLLE and the beginnings of pop-eye. Check out Administrator Beth's page on common fish ailments under the Fish Diseases and Treatments Forum. There is a lot of useful information on identification and treatment there.


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How are you treating for ich? Also, there may be the beginning of HLLE, but maybe assess that better once the ich is under control. What are the water readings in the QT?
The ich is being treated with Cupramine at 0.5 checked daily with a Seachem copper test kit. Currently 8 days into the ich treatment.
PH 8.2
Ammonia 0ppm I have the Seachem ammonia tester to test while treating with Cupramine
Nitrate 0ppm
Nitrate 0ppm
Phosphate 0
Salinity 1.023


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Your water parameters look good. Have you noticed any further discoloration of the trigger's skin, or degenerating fins? Any problems? What and how often are you feeding?
I have not seen any other issues. I was thinking that the color on the nose was part of the tarnishing. The trigger is still small and it doesnt show well in the picture but the color on the nose looks to be yellow turning to black.
He / she eats a couple times a day I feed shrimp, krill, clam, squid, mysis and muscles.
Behaver wise the trigger is acting like a trigger. When I walk into the room he will swim to the front of the tank and follow me.

As of right now I do not see any other issues but as we all know fish act fine until they don’t.