Ocean Blend Part 1 + 2

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I was givin two Ocean blend Additive, Parts 1(ph, alkalinity) and 2(Calcium). I was told that I should add 15 ml for 50 gallons. I dont see this being correct because it is such a large bottle and so little of it is added to the tank.
Is this correct?
Originally Posted by newbieABC
Cal 350, Alk 8, dont test for mag because I do not have hard corals. Should I?
Yes you should test for magnesium.If your magnesium is low you wont be able to raise and keep your calcium to where it should be.Magnesium keeps calcium from precipitating.
Here are some numbers that are recommended for reef aquaria.
Calcium= 380-450 ppm
Alkalinity= 2.5-4 meq/L
7-11 dKH
125-200 ppm
Magnesium= 1250-1350 ppm