OT...I think RyeBread should be promoted to Shark for this forum !!! Who's with me ?

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This poll was not exactly set up to be "objective" or to give people the opportunity to actually vote for the mod of their choice.
Why don't we just ask members to voice on whoever they would like to mod the forum and give reasons for their choices, rather than setting a subjective tone where folks are critized if they vote "no" for a particualar person.
Lets just vote YES for whoever we want to mod the forum. Keep the exp positive. :D
Good gracious people. This was more designed to be a "Yeah RyeBread" thread than a "let the people that use the board decide" thread !!! As for a mod for all boards, I NEVER mentioned that. EVER. The thought had crossed my mind..
Beth = Disease knowledge
RyeBread = Photography knowledge
The purpose of being a shark for a forum is because that person is the most knowledgable about the subject matter covered in that forum. Can anyone here say that they know more about the subject than RyeBread ? I mean look people, the guy DONATED SPACE ON HIS WEB SERVER TO HOST ALL OF OUR NASTY MUGS !!! So call him a "Photo Shark", give him the ability to control THIS FORUM ONLY and lets move on !!!


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Thanks for the compliments guys. I think this is a great idea and I can't wait to participate in this forum as much as possible.
p.s. - Hey Jaysen........give us a hug. :D No hard feelings at all..........quite honestly.......I can't remember why you hate me but, oh well............we can start over. Buddies?


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my vote, as the other sharks and members alike, mean nothing, so Instead of looking like a moron(as the post would reflect)
I will refrain from voting.
and jsut reiterate what jwt has already posted about knowledge not being a key factor.
Although rye is a good member and has not caused too much trouble. He is still a newcomer and a bit of a class clown. However, he is definitely a knowledgable individual in this particular area. Not the only one, but definitely one of the more knowledgable, that is for sure.


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I don't want votes. ;) Thank you anyway but, I am just happy that there is now a place to share two of my passions......Photography and Fishies.
I believe that a photo can say as many words as you want it to and this is another link to enjoying the hobby. These images will also help new members to understand what certain types of set-ups look like and can be quite a helpful tool.
I am not worried if I make it to sharkdom although it would be quite honorable. I am just happy to be able to help people in one of my better fields.
Hope to see some pics soon. :)
Rye-maybe the powers that be would let you post that page of yours where all of the member pics are on this forum. Sorta make it "sticky" so we could all access it whenever the mood strikes? You did a great job putting that together and maybe if it were here, our newer members could add their photos as well. Not sure how it all works, but you're a camera genius and I just know you could figure it out! :D
Course it might make the page load rather sloooowly for those with a dial up connection..........