Our New 800 gal Tank! Very excited!

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Our New 800 GALLON aquarium!! So excited ! Hi guys, my name is Wendy, hubby is Steve. We absolutely love Saltwater aquariums. We had a 400 gallon but had to sell it as we had to move. That was a awful awful day. Had it for 5 years and my babies were so big.. ate out of my hand, rubbed aganist my arm as I cleaned.. just a sad sad day. Well we have now gotten a new baby. 800 gal setup! We also have a nano Seahorse tank.. my little love**Process is going great! Hubby built the stand out of steel ... love loveove how it came out !* Hello all, Wendy's hubby here Steve The tank specs are: Tank 8ft long 5 ft. Wide 30 inchs Sump 90 long 32 wide 21 tall Refuge is 8 inches wide full length of sump ATo is 45 gallons. 3 Brs reactors with Neptune flow meters External Reef octopus skimmer (placed in sump) using two octo varios 6 pumps. Also running 4 octo varios 8 pumps for *Returns (2 of them) *chiller (1 1/2hp eco) Uv light aqua 100watt with Neptune flow meter For flow I'm waiting on the new gyro pumps... going with 4 .. 2 masters and 2 slaves And also waiting on the new Ai refuge lights witch will have 3 lights on it. Everything getting hooked up to the newest apex Neptune deal. Running the atk for ato... Lights are 9 AI hydra 52s on a custom made aluminum slide rack. Dosing will be thru the 7 bubble magus doing pumps. There is under sump LEDs running as well. I built the stand myself and then galvanized it. It weighs In at 800lbs and has 5 walk board stations. The floor has 1/2 foam board with white PVC silicone to act like a catching pan. (Not the whole 800 gallons* The ceiling of the stand also has the white PVC panels for easy cleaning... There is 500lbs of* dry rock in it at the moment and 400 lbs more coming in mail (our ups driver loves us lately) Not sure how much more I'm putting In but I'm renting a concrete saw to make some flat pieces for the bottom edges. The tank will be a bare bottom reef tank heavily stocked with tangs and others. I made a rodi /salt station (will upload pics)in the laundry room (bigger than norm laundry room) with 2 160 gallon containers running thru the ceilings between floors (was a blast) to be able to top or do water changes. I also ran 2 dedicated 20 amp breakers for the tank witch was a huge undertaking getting thru walls and ceiling between second floor without a trace it was even done in living space . The tank is plumbed to the chiller that sits on a large lanai and also can drain outside for easy water changes. The protein skimmer is also drawing air from the outside. All plumbing was done with blue PVC and gray fittings. Originally I made the stand for a 36inch wide tank... and then I got brave and went to 60 inches so I plasma cut it in half and decided to build our dream tank. I figured our old tank was 36 wide by 6 ft. So only going 2 ft longer wasnt much of a difference. We are really excited about getting this up and running. I've done all the work myself and am planning the hood and stand wrap next. As to the 800 gallon and where we are now I'm getting it all tuned in... doing all the wiring this Saturday and Sunday. I'm sure I forgot some but will be adding pics... and I'm sure Wendy will as she lives with camera in hand*