Phosphate remover for hob? Saltwater cycling

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Hi all! I am new to the hobby and I have a questions regarding phosphate removers for hang on back filters. My 36 gallon tank has been cycling for about 3 weeks now. Everything is going well, I started with the dead shrimp method and ammonia was spiking for the last 2 weeks. Ammonia is now at 1, nitrate at around 5, and nitrates between 40-80. I have a massive diatom bloom which I am fine with (for now). In my research i have found phosphate removers are beneficial to prevent future algae outbreaks. Problem is, I am running a hob filter and I have yet to find a product I can add to my filter media that is appropriate to remove phosphates. Do any of you happen to know of any?? Thanks so much in advance!
You can put a bag with GFO in the filter. Something like a nylon stocking works. I would wait.
Thank you for the reply. It doesn’t turn to brick? I saw a video that said if it’s not in a reactor it will turn into a brick lol. I know there is a lot of bad info out there so thanks so much!


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It can in a reactor if the particles spend too much sitting still. Unlikely with the amount of GFO you’d put in a HOB filter. Use less and Change when needed.