phosphate vs copepods/invertebrate?

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Due to lack of maintenance for long periods of time (no water changes for 8-10 months ), the algae broke out 2 months ago, that caused most of corals died ... (even my out-of-control purple mushroom died, too)

Most of my observations seem understandable, except I also found my dragonet is becoming very skinny, no pods to be seen anymore. The most odds observation is those margarita snails refused to put their feet on those algae. They rather flip upside down without lands on those brown/green algae, I have three tangs they used to kiss the rock all day, but they don't touch those algae at all.

my tank: 90g display, 20g sump, 4 clown fish, 1 yt, 1 bt, 1 tomini tang, 1 yellow clown goby, 1 randall goby, 1 red scooter dragonet. The pictures show the algae in my tank now, used to be browner and 2-3 times more all over the place before I put up a phosguard media reactor a week ago. The other side not showing in the picture is a lot better because I also reduce the light intensity. I will reduce the light intensive in the picture upon suggestions, the only thing holding me is only for a clam.

Question: I thought algae outbreak may benefits pods and snails, but it seems not my case? Do you think there is something else going on?


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