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Discussion in 'The Aquarium' started by tjb1993, Jan 28, 2018.

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    I just got an amazing Pico tank from a friend in Chelsea. It has a perfect stand, I would say the tank is 16"x16"x16" (?), 20(+)gallon-ish. I need help figuring out how the back of this tank will be set up..

    Here are some miscellaneous specs..
    - Back of tank has about 6-8" of space, divided into three sections
    - Looking to get a VorTec Controller and wavemaker from same friend
    - Venturi Rio+ 800 connected to return pipe on the right side
    - Kessil A80
    - 3lbs of Miracle Mud
    - 5lbs of Rubble Zone rubble rock
    - 250 mL of Purigen
    - 1L of PhosGuard
    - Unused activated carbon bag that came with my AquaClear70 awhile ago that I never used
    - LiveAquaria Reef Salt (Up to new suggestions? Work okay so far)
    - No media bags yet for either of the above synthetic polymers (Need help with micron size for Purigen? I have tried the bag that comes with the Purigen and they suck)
    -Quality heater that the guy pitched in
    - 5 lbs. live rock from my big 35 gal
    - Big three part stand about 10" high to stage 3-step filtration? Goes in the middle chamber

    I am looking for an all natural approach. I need some help

    I am thinking Miracle Mud on far left side (2"-3"), Eggcrate, Rubble Rock. Rubble rock stuffed in the middle, and then the heater and return pump on the far right. But what about the chemical filtration? Where do I put it?
  2. tjb1993

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    attached is my idea

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    Do you see the conflict here? You want a "natural" approach, but want to add chemical filtration, which is very unnatural. I'm not a big fan of chemical filtration - IMHO all you need is some live rock, some chaeto and a sensible schedule of water changes and it is unlikely that your tank will become chemically unstable.
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  4. tjb1993

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    Bare bottom, live rock, rubble rock, chaeto, two power heads
  5. tjb1993

    tjb1993 New Member

    HOB AquaFuge2 that's been sitting around awhile. Going to put the miracle mud in there, grow chaeto in that thing. Live rock in main display, one big piece of live rock from my 35 gallon in living room in the middle chamber, atop lots of rubble rock to colonize niterbacteri
  6. tjb1993

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    I would like to speak to you directly, send me pm if possible

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