puffer and clownfish

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i have also two of the same and they get along just fine. clown fish are not agressive fish unless they are with their own kind. as for puffers, you know they don't mess with anything unless there is a starfish or shrimp, due to them loving to munching on invertebrates and crusteceans. so, i think you are going to be just fine!
Yes, puffers and clowns should have no problem. I have a 90-gal FOWLR with a porcupine puffer and a pair of Tomato clowns, and they ignore each other completely.
a problem... the puffer keeps trying to bite the clownfish..and the clownfish is extremely scared.. now it's swimming sideays in water... errr.. this is definitely not a good sign.. i think the clownfish will get strssed out.. what's going on??!:eek: :eek:
What size tank are they in? Most puffers are not aggressive but every now and then one will get that way. Try to move some of the rock work around in the tank, if that does not work one of them might have to go. Good Luck
i have been doing some research for some time at the shedd aquarium on porcupine puffers and they will eat whatever will fit into their mouth and most of them are very aggressive i have had about 20 porcupines in my hobby time and i see them at work. they arent aggresive until they hit about 3-4 inches. before then they have a 85 percent death rate and then they get really aggresive after they survive i have one right now and he is with a leopard shark and he tries to chase him but the shark is well adjusted to the tank. i would really watch that clownfish because it's probably not too safe but ya never know. i had a 5 inch porcupine eat a 7 inch yellow tang so that just shows how aggresive they are. another thing i learned is to feed them atleas 3 times a day but 3 different things each time.