Random tang twitch.

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I have a random little fire fin tang twitch... for whatever reason he likes to twitch his dorsal fin ... a lot. I thought about flukes but it's also the same move he makes when he is running the tank... any ideas? I'm uploading a youtube video currently, will post when it finishes... it maybe perfectly normal behavior, ive just never seen it before.
Tank parameters are 125 with 20 gallons worth of sump... auto topoff.
1.023(with refractometer)
0- no2, 3 and 4 running skimmer along with moss/algea
Ph is 8.1
Phosphates are in the ballpark of .25
Temp 76.7


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Trust me, if I could answer I would but I'm an invert guy so I'm not qualified.
But if I were to hazard a guess I would say it looks normal. It could be showing dominance or it could be trying to attract the fairer sex. He just doesn't realize that there is no fairer sex available.