Recommended RO/DI system?

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I want to purchase an ro/di system this week. Are there some systems that you guys can recommend? I would either hook it up under my kitchen sink, or keep it in the garage where there is a hose faucet. At the moment I go through about 15 gallons a week. Also, what is preferred for watcher changes, RO or DI?



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I love my bulk reef supply system. I got the one that can also be plumbed for drinking water. Only the RO goes to the sink (and fridge for ice). The water only goes through the DI resin for the tank. You do not want to drink DI water.
I just looked at those and watched the video. Couple questions. Do you recommend the "plus" models? I would probably want to get the water saver one, as the 3:1 waste to good water on the standard saddens me. Also, I don't quite get the RO vs. DI... it seems like it is just DI water, is there a switch or something to get RO water vs. DI water?


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I have the split to the faucet before the DI canister. The DI is purer than the RO only. I think mine is a 4 stage with the 5th stage separate so I can split it off for drinking water. I also have the system plumed directly to my ATO reservoir and tank I mix my salt water in.
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