Reef Tank Photo Contest- Information/ Question Thread

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    Info & Rules:

    Submit a picture of your tank and note the Tank Size in your post.
    All contestants may submit more than one photo if they have more than one reef tank.

    Then vote for your favorite tank photo!!!

    upload_2015-5-29_14-12-36.png The winner will receive a $35 Gift Certificate upload_2015-5-29_14-11-54.png

    There will be a total of 3 threads for this contest

    1. Information/ Question Thread- All questions and information will be provided and answered here

    2. Photo Submission Thread- All pictures must be submitted here

    3. Voting Thread- Where all voting will take place

    **Winner will be announced in all 3 threads**

    Pictures must be submitted by 6/12 no later than 1:00pm EST

    Voting will open: Monday 6/15 @9:00am EST

    Voting will close: Wednesday 6/25 @8:30am EST

    Winner announced: Friday 6/26

    All submissions, voting, & communication will be done via the Forum.
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    Submit photos and tell your friends!! :D
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    DUDE. How did I miss this?? LOL. :)
  4. ajackson2188

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    Hi, the contest is no longer running. Keep an eye on the forum we will have another one. Thank You

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