Reef Tank Photo Contest- Photo Submission Thread

Discussion in ' Photography Contest' started by ajackson2188, May 29, 2015.

  1. ajackson2188

    ajackson2188 Administrator Staff Member

    **Please submit ONLY photos here**
    All questions are to be posted in the Information/ Question Thread
    Thank You :)
  2. pegasus

    pegasus Well-Known Member

    I'll break the ice. Here's the left half of my tank. I've recently started adding SPS corals, so they are still quite young. Another year and this tank will look very different!

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  3. mandy111

    mandy111 Active Member

    Here is mine, Very hard to get a decent shot with silly IPhone. lol. photo.JPG
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  4. ladyreefseeker

    ladyreefseeker Administrator Staff Member

    We are looking for a few more participants to make this exciting! Please submit a photo and tell your friends!
  5. Mandy,

    What happen to the fish?

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