Refugium question

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Hello I'm making the jump to a refugium for my current 55 with a cannister filter...I'm building a 20L for the fuge My question is how do I make the switch over from cannister to fuge without causing crazy parameter spikes. In other words do i just pull the cannister and hook up the fuge and hope for the best or run both for a certain timeset dont even know if thats possible I'm a little confused


Staff member
Most of your bacteria should be on the surface and in your rocks. You could take the filter media from the canister, rinse in salt water then put in a mesh bag in the fuge/sump. Then you can remove it slowly over a couple weeks. I’d also keep a bottle of prime on hand just in case. Also a seachem ammonia badge will keep the guess work out of it especially since it is accurate with prime in the water. Prime will give false positive ammonia readings.