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Thank you for allowing me to the group. I'm going to set up a 155 tall in sw. I want a porcupine or a dogface puffer. I'm researching to try to do this the right way. I'm also have a 55 to set up for a quarantine tank. I would be very grateful for any advice on what equipment is best & possible tank mates. Compatibility charts differ from place to place.


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What type of filtration are you going to be using? Puffers are messy eaters. Unfortunately they will eat most of your cuc
Thank you for taking time to respond Jay. What type of filtration would you suggest? I know that I need real live rock. No coral because they will eat it also? Any suggestions for what would work with a puffer?


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Ideally a sump is best. It will up your water volume. The tank needs to be drilled for a sump tho. As far as coral they won't so much eat it as its just hard to keep with them. Due to water quality. Tank mates can be lion fish, certain triggers, larger fish in general


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I had a porcupine puffer with a niger trigger, a largish queen angelfish (6") and a christmas wrasse, and they all got along fine.