Rhodactis Mushroom????

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My rhodactis mushrooms (green hairy) has turned into 6!!! How do you get them off of the rocks? They are really nice looking but are getting too close to my other corals.....I tried peeling the "foot" off the rock , but it just got angry and it didn't work.... I can't take the rocks out either.... any suggestions?

mr. limpid

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There is no way, I believe if you do that you kill it. Slice is going through the same thing with polps, you just need to remove them like weeds if they get to close.


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Or as Florida Joe suggested, you could try Aiptasia X, or Joe's Juice if you wanted to be brutal about it.
But as Mr. Limpid said, I just weeded out my unruly polyps.
Yeah, I tried to scrape underneath where the mushroom is attched to the rock, and the mushroom had a bunch of squiggly lines come out of the center and it shrunk up! The next day it was back to normal!! I was hoping to get them detached to sell, maybe I will put plugs all around them and eventually they can attach to the plug!! I did that with some palys and it worked!!