Roomy DIY acclaimation box

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This water dispenser measures 12.5" long, 5" deep, and 10" tall. Good size but the shape enables it to fit easily into tanks 60 gal. or bigger. Regular price US$12.5 on sale for $6.5 only.


Spout easily removed. 40 holes drilled and "smoothed out". Total time spent: about 20 minutes.

No holes at a lower half corner so in case you have to remove the box with fish still in it, there'll still be some water for the fish( tilt the box 45 deg.)

Top view: easily hung with 2 sticks. The top of the box is about 2" above water level. Use fishing line or rubber band, etc. to lower the box if desired.

In use. All fish inside and outside the box don't mind it much. Very good!