Salinity help!

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HELP! After adding my live sand, live rock and 3 mangroves my salinity dropped. This morning when I checked my salinity of my 40 gallon tank, it was finally at 1.023, which was perfect for my fish and live rock tank. I went to my LFS and got roughly 30 lbs of live rocks, 10 lbs of dry rock, 1 large conch shell along with 3 red mangroves and 60 lbs of live sand. After adding everything to my tank, i let everything settle down. Just now when i checked my salinity again, it had dropped to 1.010. Is this normal? Do i just add more salt or do I have to take everything out? Do I cycle with the salinity being lower than what i need?


Staff member
Give it a day or so with your power heads running then if it is still low slowly add salt. This is the only time you can add salt directly to the tank.
How are you measuring salinity? If you aren’t using a refractometer buy one and calibration solution. BRS has good ones with calibration solution. Calibrate every week or so or when ever you use it which ever is longer.