Seeding a new tank

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Hello! My names Michael, I have been doing Freshwater for two years and Saltwater for just over a year now.

I just recently decided to bump up to a Red Sea Reefer 250 from a 15g Nano (took the plunge)

My Reefer 250 is all ready to go and I wanted to get things moving. I am planning on seeding with two small bags of media, one medium size bag, and some rock. My question is, I have never seeded a tank before. How fast does this happen? I was told by a friend who also has a Reefer 250 that I should be able to move livestock over immediately? Do I need to add some form of ammonia to keep the bacteria "fed," or just let the fish eat and poop and let them handle it?

Appreciate any advice! I want this transition to go as smoothly as possible for both me and my Livestock. Currently I only have a Wrasse, two clowns and a Spotted Goby; a Hammerhead coral, large torch and some Zoas; along with two small anemones (recently split).



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If you move the rocks from your existing tank into the new one, with some new rock you shouldn’t have any problems moving the few small fish. Wait a while before trying to add any new fish. Be sure to watch the ammonia levels, maybe buy a SeaChem ammonia alert badge so you just have to glance at the tank to see it. I’ve done it many times with no issues. Most recently a 125 into a 120. A lot more fish than you have. No issues.


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If you start your tank with a refugium full of macro algae you could also not get the aerobic bacteria ammonia->nitrite->nitrate cycle. the macro algae will actually consume ammonia directly preventing those spikes. Then as the aerobic bacteria builds up, the macros will "switch" to consuming nitrates for nitrogen.