Shark pool?

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I always wanted a very bad shark tank, and I almost bought a bamboo 210 last year. I've been researching for about a year now and hopefully I've got my dream "pool" in about 8-10 years. The reason I'm going to take this long is because I'm just a high school freshman, so I'm going to go through high school and college and then the pool comes into effect.I was wondering if an above ground pool would work for 2 or 3 bamboos a d a Cortez ray. The pool would be about 24 feet and circular. I think it it inhumane to put a 4 foot shark in a 6 foot tank, that is only half of its length, so would this work? Or any other tips?
So I had an internship at my local Zoo in the aquatics department that lasted 6 months. It was 50 hours a week and they provided lodging. The reason I add this, is because most people do not know about sharks and rays when they get into this hobby and decide to get a shark or a ray (or both). First I am going to tell you, is do more research about sharks and rays. When you think you know everything there is to know about these species, you are only 20% done. I would see if a local aquarium or Zoo has any unpaid internships and try to get one.

The tanks for a bottom dwelling shark needs to be 6 to 8 times the length of the shark so if your shark gets to be around 4 feet then your tanks should be a minimum of 24 feet.If you are housing more then 1 shark I would go larger. To be honest I would have a tank that is around 30 to 40 feet long. All sharks need rounded edges so it is perfect that you want a circular shaped tank. You will also need a thick sand bed for your rays. I would suggest around 2 feet thick. Most rays like to bury themselves in sand then they are not hunting. I would put some sea grass in the tank as well to make it more natural looking.

As for above ground or below; sharks do not see the way that we see. If you put the tank above ground the shark will not be able to see that the side (glass) is approaching thus will run into it for awhile until they learn better (unless they a aquarium born). If you wish not to see that, I would do an "sit in" style tank, or pond type of tank, where the tank is under the ground and only like 2 feet stick up above the ground. you can even build a bridge over it so you can over your shark tank. Or just have treated glass made for sharks. At the zoo, the glass for the shark tanks worked similar to a 2 way mirror were guest could see in but the sharks couldn't "see" out. To the sharks it similar to looking at a wall. however if your shark is aquarium born and raised then it is already used to glass and you do not need to worry about it.

I wish you good luck on your tank, and I hope I helped. I always wanted a shark tank but after working with them for 6 months, I realized most people do not give them the space they deserve. They are a lot of work but are super fun to have.