Sick Clown Bladder disease?

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I have had my Clown for a year now. He has been showing signs of Bladder disease. He is swimming vertically in the corner of the tank for two days now. Not eating much. Hasn’t been himself for a week or so. I did a partial water change over the weekend and I used boxed Pacific Ocean water from *****. I did notice the salinity dropped more than usual. It’s is usually very high but it dropped the salinity considerably. I’m very worried about him. He is just hanging vertical in the corner of the tank. Not doing his normal wiggle dance around his boat. What can I do to help him? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m very worried about our little Marlin. Thanks
He’s still the same today. Swimming vertical in the corner. He swam around the tank last night at feeding time kinda on his side. Then back to the corner. Tank chemistry seems fine. He does this aggressive move where he swims along the bottom near his boat to clear where he usually sleeps. Maybe he hurt himself because he looks fine otherwise. Not eating much at all though. Not very responsive. Stays in the corner at night not down near his boat where he normally hunkers down. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are really starting to worry about the little guy. I’m going to get a fresh test kit and do a partial water change today. I am reluctant to add antibiotics because I don’t want to mess with the chemistry of the tank if I don’t have to. Please help if you can. Thanks.


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It's late in responding but if you still have the issue with your clown, can you post up all of water parameters. Did the fast drop in salanity occur prior to the problem occurring? Notice anything else such as swelling, red gills, rapid breathing, frayed fins, harrassment from other fish, etc.? What are you feeding him and how frequently?