Some of my beautiful fish ! Warning Photo Heavy.

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We actually have the same guys coming around to photograph the new tank, these shots were the old tank, they are interested to see if the starfire lead free glass is any easier or better for pic. Will post some when I get them


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Yikes, how much better can they get!?!
They seem to think it will be better because of the lead free. Apparently the blue/green tinge the lead has in the glass had a major effect. we will wait and see I suppose. We have the new 10 fish arriving next week, so will be interesting to see those shots.
Any photographers as good as they are must use Photoshop which comes with a utility called Camera RAW. With that, there is no such thing as poor exposure or white balance. Anything can be corrected to perfection.

No, I suspect foul play afoot. Do you have access to any weaponry? :eek: