Sump Equipment Question

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what size tank is his for?

20 gal long not the standard 20 gallon.
I don’t use filter socks. Too much work. they filter out the copepods.
you can use plexiglass for the baffles. Less than $20. I’d make 3 compartments. One for your skimmer one for your fuge and one for your return pump.
no need for sand in fuge.
skip the copopods for now.
no need and no phytoplankton.
2 smaller heaters are better.
Sorry, forgot to mention its a 75. So the sump may need to go up a size.
Is there a type of media that the water needs to flow through? It just feels like there's to little for a filter, but thats just me.
Thank you


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This is what I use. I have 2, 100 W heaters in my 120. They provide plenty of heat. I live in Minnesota and I don’t keep my house very warm in the winter, mid 60s. The reason for 2 is that they are known to fail. If one fails ON with one too big heater you will cook your fish quickly. If you have 2 that have a total wattage that is enough, your tank won’t over heat too fast,. The second one will be off and you will have time to catch it. If one fails OFF, again you have one still working to keep things warm giving you more time to catch the issue. Down the line you may consider a controller that will alarm you if the temp falls outside the parameters you set. I use a reef keeper light. The cheapest controller and only my heaters are on it. Just gives a bit more peace of mind.