T5 lights, VHO lights and skimmer for sale

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Upgraded my whole system. Best offer on these determined by Sunday 11/2 or PM me for instant sale. Offer + $ 20.00 for the shipping no matter where.
Skimmer; Aqua clear with 1000 gph pump. used on my 125 before being replaced. good skimmer, I haven't detailed cleaned it so I will accept less for this or I will detail clean for slightly higher, you call. Pictures provided.
T5 lights. These are a neat light system. It has compact individuale light units to install in the canopy of a tank. The lights have the plugs to plug into each other to make a series of as many bulbs as you need. I have 5: 45" units and 1: 34" unit that all hook together with wiring. works great and gives off alot of light. When taking out I dropped some of the bulbs and broke them. There are two 45" 10000K bulbs and one 10000K 34" bulb. All the units work great so someone would just have to buy bulbs for the other connectors depending on how many lights they want to run. The bulbs have only one month use. picture provided.
VHO light units and ballasts. Ballasts that will run three VHO units. One double Ballast that contols two light units with seperate cords and on/off switches and one single ballasts for a one light unit. They are square peg configuration. Work great. I have two double accent lights 44" and one 34" double accent all 10000K. The lights have about 10 months use on them. reflector unit will fit two light units but not all three. Picture below is horrible but if you request I'll get the unit out and try to get better pictures.
For some reason it won't let me add pictures so they are available upon request.
here are the pictures I couldind't load befroe.
I deleted the light pictures to make room for some really good pictues of them I took. Then I realized that it won't let me add new pictures now to this thread. If you want the pictures PM me.