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Looking for some assistance. Have Fish with Live Rock only tank. (2 Chromis's, 1 FoxFace, 2 Hermits) - 75G

Been up for 9 years.

3 weeks ago i noticed a sore on my Green Chromis which 3 days later he died. I wasnt sure entirely sure it was one of many diseases but i treated with BiFuran.(QT tank was taken down so had to treat directly in the tank).

2 weeks after things seem to be fine and everyone was eating.

4 days ago the other remaining Chromis and my Foxface slowly started going down.This is when i noticed the Foxface had fin rot.

I treated with BiFuran based on the directions.

2 Days ago i did a 20% water change as i noticed no change and continued treatment.

Today another 20% water change, This time i noticed the Chromis didnt make it.

I checked everything and Amonia, Nirates, Nitrites, and PH all with normal ranges.

Salt is 1.014 and Water Temp is 76-74

As upset i am about the Chromis I'm going to be even more upset if i lose the FoxFace. he is over 10 years old and my first saltwater fish!:(

Any idea's?


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Sg is low, but fish shouldn't be affected by it. Inverts yes. Hypo is done at 1.009. Only change in fish is increased appetite


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That low salinity kills off the "live" in the live rock. I'd suggest bringing up the salinity to normal parameters. What's the reason for law salinity? The level you have it at is not going to prevent ich.

It may be that the chromis were wounded by the dominate chromis . Can you post a picture of the foxface with finrot?