Taken from the wild!

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When I went to pick up a coral frag from a friends house yesterday I noticed that they were also selling their 2 inch long Horse Shoe Crab. I asked how they got it and they told me that they picked it up at their local beach. I "offered" to buy it from them and keep it safe. Would it be possible to return it to the wild since its only been in their tank for roughly 3 months?

PS I completely disagree about taking animals from the wild and HATE when people do this!


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I hate it too and it is illegal many places.
If it is going back to the same ocean in the same area it should do fine. You can’t put something from the pacific into the Caribbean, there are laws about that, just look at the lion fish issues in the Caribbean. Also you don’t want to return something from one area in an ocean to another area in the same ocean. If the crab was collected in southern Florida it can go back in southern Florida but not Belize.


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How much livestock in this hobby comes from the wild? Most of it.

I would not return it. Don't know if it is now "carrying" something that was introduced since captivitiy that is not native to whatever beach you want to return him to.
I contacted the local state park (same one the crab was taken from) and the ranger claims that the crab will be fine because horseshoe crabs have the same abilities as crocodiles. Their immune system will not allow them to get sick or parasites. Tomorrow the ranger will pick up the crab from and put it in a Q.tank at their facility for month. Once they are sure it has no free rider like algae they will return it to the ocean. Thank you for your help and opinions!!