Tank cracked

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Is there any possible way of fixing a crack in a glass aquarium? The crack is in the back right side of my 75 gallon fish tank that I just got from my brother. I believe it cracked during transport somehow. It is on the back glass towards the bottom and "V's" out about 4 or 5 inches from the side. Am I still able to to use the tank? Do I trust that it will not break any further or do I try and fix it somehow? My only other thought is that I have to get a brand new tank which I fell is gonna have to happen. I have attached some images of the crack.

big crack. id just break down and buy a new one not worth risking since it is at the bottom where all of the pressure is. If it was at the top i might not.


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Unless you have a few hours of time to fool with and the ability to replace that panel I wuld be inclined to say you better look for a new tank. It can be fixed if you have the ability and time.
Agree with the others, new tank time.
I think your only option might be to dismantle the tank, as in taking the broken glass sheet off, getting a new one and then re-assembling/gluing it back together . . . on second thought, get a new tank.
I'm surprised you are even thinking of taking the risk. Just think about the total loss if this happens (murphy's law) after you stock up and it breaks when no one is home for over 8 hours. Not only the water damage to the house but all your livestock will be dead.
New tank time for certain.


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I would be one that woul djust have to forego a new tank and give fixing that tank a go.......I have repaired quite a few over the eyars and only a bit over a year or so ago latched on to a 210 gal with a broken side, which I repaired and its currently in use. Short of being told it was broken, its undetectable in every way. It is justy so time consuming and will wear you out getting that top plastic frame off without busting it, but its still doable. Go get a new tank and save that broken tank for a rainy day for a repair project.
Yup, I think I am going to get myself a 90 gallon. I already have the right stand so now I am just debating whether or not to get overflows built in?
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