Torch Coral shrunk

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I use RO/DI water. I do run charcoal filtration as well just in case other corals are chemically attacking to flush this out. My placement is medium flow and I use LED lighting. I noticed my Torch started shrinking after I switched to LED from MH. I tried my best to duplicate the light by placement. It is still shrunk but not dying. I wonder as I have heard that a lot of these LED manufacturers now are creating diffusers for their LEDs if they know something we don't. I am wondering if the direct LED lights are too intense? I have placed him now under a ridge halfway up tank on face and am going to see what happens. And oh yes I do use Phosguard and a Reactor. Other corals are great in fact I can see my Star polyps growing visibly on a daily basis, yes that fast. Using Salifert All in One, and dose Aquaforest Florine two drops every two days in a 75 gal with 30 gal sump as I do believe Iodine to be the fastest used chemical by corals in a tank. My parameters are as follows;

Iodine 0.03-0.06 ppm
Alk - 10.2 dkh
Calcium - 410 ppm
Magnesium - 1350 ppm
PH - 8.2
Nitrates - 0 -1
Phosphates 0 -.25
Ammonia - 0

I am using Evergrow TI 5200 48" LED fixture placed 12" from water surface. Lots of cleanup crew, 10 snalis, 10 hermit crabs, lots of baby snails. Also using Miracle Mud which the other corals seem to thrive on. I will keep this post updated to see if placement just out of direct light has an effect. If anyone sees something here I am missing please comment. Thanks!
So, update, looking now today my torch coral did of course shrivel up because of the small move overnight but is now opening up this morning. Not anymore then the day before but it is still early and is not receiving direct light so as my light intensity increases during the day he will receive more ambient light. Seems to like the spot so I am hoping this will help.
Here is a pic of my star polyps. The grouping to the left actually one month ago was the size of the plug just below it. As you can see it is growing really fast. The two groups to the left have almost completely covered the shell they are on and I foresee them totally covering it in the next month. Good coraline growth in tank and just added some more pink coraline on top of tank from some dried rock I found at store. This should actually come alive and start growing again.
star pic.jpg
Here are some more pics. The piece of dried rock with encrusted pink coralline on it I am hoping will come back and start to grow. I am seeing signs of it starting to grow. As well my Montipora which has grown alot with my little coral goby hangin around on it and of course the problem torch. As you can see at one time it looks as if it were bigger with more heads. When I got him it was only down to the one head. He is out a bit but not as much as I'd like.