Trying to Id a bright green algae

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I have noticed a patch of unusual algae on some live rock and the back panel. It is almost neon green in color. The patch on the rock is about 2 inches in diameter in size. There is also a large area on the back glass. It seems to be growing in underneath the algae that is already there.
If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate hearing them. Trying to find out if I have something out of the ordinary to worry about or not.:eek:
Hard to tell with that description. I would guess it's either coralline algae or a sponge.
I know, not the best description, but it is a much brighter green that that of other algae in the tank. It seems to be more of a coating than out growth, if that helps any. Thanks for the idea to check into.
Sorry it has taken me awhile to get back to you. It looks like it must be slime. I did the brush check and it wiped right off. Gonna have to work on getting rid of it.


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Sorry it wasn't coralline algae. You can use a turkey baster or soft brush to keep it blown/brushed off the rock(s), and a glass scraper or pad to keep it off the glass. Do you have snails? A combination of Cerith, Nassarius, Nerite, Astrea, etc., are good at eating film algae off the rocks and glass. Depending on the bioload, it's recommended to have one snail per gallon if you have a fairly stocked tank.
I do have snails, but need to restock them. Have to save a few more pennies.
I really appreciate the response to my post in this forum. I am a member of another, which will remain nameless, and have posted in it several times. I hardly ever got a reply from anyone. So, thanks.