tyree pink polyp cap

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is the tank in the middle of the room, because i see furniture behind it. Either that or its an inwall tank


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I have the advantage here I have seen his tank. I talked to him on the phone earlier today he said he will probably post shots tommorrow. (he lives a few miles from me)
Man what a tank? I need one of those Yumas seriosuly for my biocube! gf would love it lol.
What are you doing with all those frags? local fish stores?
Now ur just teasing! We need more pics!!! lol
Is that Coraline around the tank that look like uve scraped it to look like a pic frame?
Thanks all for the kind words.
Lol, everyone always asks about the coraline. Am I the only guy whose cleaning magnet leaves a purple coraline frame behind? For a while I would scrape it off with a razor blade but it would grow back within a few weeks/months so now I just leave it. I've gotton so I kinda like it. Besides, I hate to think what might happen if I slipped with the razor and cut into the silicon seal

rebelprettyboy-I have a frag tank for trades and small scale (not buisness) sales to help offset costs of hobby. reefkprz is helping me get familar with the whole shipping thing. Although I have fragged corals for more then 10 years I have never shipped.
Reefkprz- thanks for the link. I checked out a few vids already. You are a good man to help people out like that. I never realized you can frag a red sponge.
Yeah urs is the only tank ive seen with the coraline like that. It looks sweet. Adds a little extra to the look of the tank!
lol u gotta get to shippin that sutff out! Good lookin livestock u got!
What size is the frag tank?
And ReefKprz helps out a lot around here! He better not ever leave us!


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Wow, incredible...That Tyree is amazing....I lost mine to a sting war due to my moving some stuff around and not paying attention to what was where...Love the frag tank...