What do cleaner shrimps eat?

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do you need to feed a cleaner shrimp? do they eat algea? do they need an established aquarium? my tanks a month and a half old. 75g 60lbs lr.
sp 1.024-1.025
ph was 8.3 3 days ago. can't tell from test kit now
i was thinking about buying one tomorrow. what do you think?
any advice will help. thanks


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keep parameters how they are. keep correct iodine levels. they will eat pellets, flakes what ever you feed your fish.
im starting to get some hair algea now. i have 1 clown that has been there for under a week. what should i get for a cleaning crew. ( i guess ill get snails tomorrow) but is there anything else good for a startup cleaning crew? (prefer not to get )any crabs


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you could try a lawnmower blenny. they love hair algea. if you run out of that they will eat what you feed your other fishies. mine loves seaweed and pellets, hes weird, he doesn't like brine shrimp. i think they are cute


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Originally Posted by rbrockm1
y don't you want crabs? hermits don't bother anything
they will bother snails , i had an algea blenny that didnt eat hair algea
any starfish that would be good for my tank? ( i dont really like brittles but if they are the best starfish as a savenger than id get one) any ideas?


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the starfish takes out the bad bacteria and they take out the good bacteria also depleting your tank of the benefiicial macro-stuff so it would eventually starve read up on ophuira's postings she is an expert on starfish, amongst other things very smart lady. there are plenty of cool looking snails that can do the job what they have on this site is kinda limited for the snails so just google saltwater snails/aquarium look at bumblebee's, halloween, etc. you will find what you need. tobin :happyfish