What do i need to know

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Hi, my name is dante. I'm new to this forum. So here's a little of what I'm asking etc. I've always wanted a saltwater tank. I had many little 30 gallon freshwater tanks ever since I was smaller. I recently been really looking into the type of fish I want and how much aquariums are. I just got a job I start tomorrow and it's decent pay. I always wanted like a 200 gallon aquarium. But I was telling my half brother about my interests and he just messaged me last night and said his dad wants rid of a 75 gallon tank he has and asked if I want it, that I just got to pick it up. Obviously I was excited. I said yes now I just gotta pick it up. I have many questions. I don't know exactly what fish I want or anything. I honestly want a little of everything but obviously I don't have the money for that and can't fit that many fish in my 75 gallon tank. I need to know all about the salt, pumps, lights, and for example some fish are reef compatable etc. If a fish can't be put with coral than what are you putting in your tank besides the fish? I have many other questions, but I'm going to start with them. Thanks