What do i need to know

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Hi, my name is dante. I'm new to this forum. So here's a little of what I'm asking etc. I've always wanted a saltwater tank. I had many little 30 gallon freshwater tanks ever since I was smaller. I recently been really looking into the type of fish I want and how much aquariums are. I just got a job I start tomorrow and it's decent pay. I always wanted like a 200 gallon aquarium. But I was telling my half brother about my interests and he just messaged me last night and said his dad wants rid of a 75 gallon tank he has and asked if I want it, that I just got to pick it up. Obviously I was excited. I said yes now I just gotta pick it up. I have many questions. I don't know exactly what fish I want or anything. I honestly want a little of everything but obviously I don't have the money for that and can't fit that many fish in my 75 gallon tank. I need to know all about the salt, pumps, lights, and for example some fish are reef compatable etc. If a fish can't be put with coral than what are you putting in your tank besides the fish? I have many other questions, but I'm going to start with them. Thanks
I'd set the tank up and let it run for at least 5 or 6 weeks before putting any livestock in it or corals. Find a place with some live rock to help get it established after about a week. Will give you plenty of time to figure out exactly how you want your tank to look with what livestock in it.

As far as equipment goes, everyone swears by sumps, but I've always been a big fan of canister filters myself. I have a 90g tank I run a HOB Skimmer, power head and canister filter on. Lighting is a very important aspect of it if your looking into Corals. I would personally get a fish only tank for now though until you can master the ins and outs of basic salt water stuff. Go easy, get some dwarf angels and a couple clowns ... then add to it.