What Eats Flatworms???

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I recently had a flatworm problem and would siphon out many of them during water changes. They kept coming back. I then used Flatworm Exit. It killed off most of the flatworms but eventually they started to come back again.
I then bought a red scooter blenny. He doesn't eat the adults but must eat the little ones as the population is now well under control. Now I siphon out a half a dozenor so when doing water changes.
If you decide to use Flatworm Exit, be sure to follow the directions carefully. None of your corals nor fish will be happy when you use it. They will negatively react to the toxins released by the dead/dying flatworms.


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i have seen my sixline eat large flatworms before and he really helps keep the population under control. however he has been bullying my jawfish lately so its time for him to go. I really like wrasses so I think I will try a yellow corris instead of the sixline. those are more peaceful right? and reef safe?